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Q: When are this years’ races?
Q: When will the races start?
Q: How do I register?
Q: Can I register in person and by mail?
Q: How do the proceeds for the Cooley 5K race work?
Q: Is the Cooley 5K a goal event for Playmakers?
Q: How do I get my race packet(s)?
Q: Where are the Start and Finish lines?
Q: What do the race courses look like?
Q: I’ve registered to participate but if I get injured or something comes up so that I cannot participate, how do I get my money back?
Q: Can I listen to my MP3 player while I am running or walking the race?
Q: How can I confirm that I’m registered?
Q: I’m registered for the half marathon, but want to run the 5K instead. Is it possible to switch races?
Q: Will there be some way to leave my warm-ups at the start and pick them up at the finish?
Q: Where should I park on race day?
Q: How long do I have to finish the race?
Q: Will showers be available after the race?
Q: Are strollers or pets allowed?
Q: What will the weather be like?
Q: Will I receive a shirt?
Q: What do the shirts look like?
Q: What are the prizes and awards?

Come out for a weekend of races, fun & fitness expo! Entertainment, food, refreshments, beer tent, and more!