Pacer Team

Marathon and Half Marathoner participants may find running with our pacers helpful in reaching a personal goal. Pacers will be in costume and will have a flag with their pace time and a finish time on their back. You don’t need to sign-up for a pace group. You can jump into a Pacer group on race morning. Pacers will be in the start corral early to meet racers. Most groups have pacing partners so one pacer can stay on consistent pace at the front of the group while the other acts as a sweeper in the back.
We want you to reach your goal! Check out our Pacer Blog for more about pacing and racing.

2014 CCRR Pacer Team
If you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.

Welcome, Athletes! Whether this is your first marathon, half marathon or hundredth, the CCRR Pace Team is here to help you achieve your goal and have fun doing it! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the starting line! If you have any questions about the Pace Team, or for a Pacer, please contact Leslie Miyasato at

Meet your 2014 CCRR Pace Team!


  • Pacer Nick and Pacer Jason:  7:00 pace
  • PACER NEEDED: 7:30 pace
  • Pacer Rex:  8:00 pace
  • Pacer Joanna and Pacer Derek:  8:30 pace
  • Pacer Ryan and Pacer Kristy:  9:00 pace
  • Pacer Peter:  9:30 pace
  • Pacer Chris:  10:00 pace
  • Pacer Alayna and Pacer Trisha:  11:00 pace
  • Pacer Amy and Pacer Kelly:  12:00 pace
  • Pacer Arlen:  13:00 pace

A few final notes to all athletes: Feel free to join a pace group on race morning. Pacers will be in the start corral early to meet nervous racers and find out what the goals and history of the racers are. The Pacers like to help to push the PR-seekers to their PR and celebrate the accomplishment of their first half finish. Look for the pacer flags and you’ve found a pacer! The most common question – do racers need to stay with their pace group the entire race? Absolutely not! Pacers will never be upset if a racer is feeling strong and picks up the pace.