Meet Our Pacers

Half Marathon

Jeremy Bates—6:30mm
Jeremy started running to stay in shape and kept running as a hobby—not to mention the guilt-free beer. This is his first professional pacing gig, and he’s excited to get the chance to help a few running in this race. He has completed 11 half marathons and seven marathons.

Jason Werner—6:30mm
Jason has been a runner for 20 years and has completed nine marathons and half marathons. He’s paced for three years and loves it when others realize they are faster, stronger and tougher than they think. His tip to runners is to hydrate at every aid station if you don’t think you need it.

Tim Becker—7:00mm
Tim is a 45-year-old Fowler resident who has completed five full marathons and 23 half marathons. He finds nothing more gratifying than helping someone achieve their goal.

Mike Hammond—7:00mm
This is Mike’s first pacing duty. He sees this as an opportunity to help others achieve a goal and their own personal greatness. He has completed two half marathons, and as of this writing I has completed two marathons. As a cancer survivor, he rediscovered running and now knows what the human body is really capable of doing. He runs for life.

Charles Fritz—7:30mm
Charles has been a runner for five years and in that time has completed more than 30 half marathons and 40 marathons. He loves helping other runners achieve their goal time, a PR or even a BQ. To keep them motivated and encouraged all throughout the race is his favorite part of running! He loves everything about pacing.

Corey Werner—7:30mm
Corey runs because he enjoys the camaraderie of working with others to reach their running and fitness goals. A 34-year-old resident of Pewamo, Michigan, he enjoys convincing others that they are tougher than they realize. He has been running competitively for 19 years. He competed collegiately at Alma College and has completed three marathons and six half marathons.

Geoff Rook—8:00mm
Geoff is a 55-year-old Lansing resident who runs to stay fit, healthy, to inspire others and to challenge himself. He’s completed 11 full marathons, including four Boston Marathons and three Bayshore Marathons. He’s also been the team captain for three Ragnar Relays in three different states. He loves seeing anyone out running and achieving their goals.

Frank Lubis—8:00mm
Frank has been running for eleven years and in that time completed seven half marathons and 12 marathons — still reaching for that Boston Qualifier. For him, the best part of pacing is seeing someone achieve a goal they’ve been working towards. “In the past I’ve seen people who have been part of our pace group, and they have thanked me for helping them get to their goal time.”

Kevin Bisard—8:30mm
Kevin started running a half mile at a time to lose weight. Running helped him cure sleep apnea, lead a healthier lifestyle and serve as a good example for his daughters. He’ll never forget serving as a pacer at the Capital City River Run last year, and can’t wait to do it again. Now, as a 34-year-old resident in Williamston, Kevin has completed nine half marathons and one full marathon.

Tom Lindsey—8:30 mm
Originally from Alpena, Michigan, Tom has been a Lansing resident for 20 years now, completing three half marathons. He enjoys the camaraderie that comes with pacing, and even encouraged his wife, who had never ran before, in running 6 half marathons, dozens of 5Ks and 10ks. He runs because it helps him sleep better, improves his health and enjoys the competitiveness of racing.

Karla Palmer—9:00mm
Forty-year-old Karla from St. Johns has run a number of half marathons all over Michigan, including Ludington, Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Lansing. As a mom, wife, nurse, teacher and friend, she loves helping other reach their fitness goals. She’s made health a priority and ran her first full marathon this spring.

Lainie Bukles—9:00mm
Her fifth year pacing the CCRR, Lainie is excited to run her 14th half marathon. Although she began running for her health, she was happy to discover a hidden society of amazing, like-minded people. She loves showing her children that anything is possible — even running 13.1-26.2 miles at a time. She enjoys chasing those faster than her and loves training with those who just started. Her favorite motto: Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, but never, ever give up!”

Michelle Snay—9:30mm
Michelle has been a runner for six years and in that time has completed 35 half marathons and 10 marathons. The best thing to her about pacing is helping runners overcome the tough parts of a race and accomplish their goals! “At the end of the day, if I helped someone in any way, it makes it all worth it!”

Sarynna Lopez Meza—9:30 mm
“I’m a Mexican who loves running because I find it inspiring and humbling.” Sarynna  started running longer distances in 2006, she’s completed one full marathon and 13 half marathons, as well as other road races. She also likes biking, completing triathlons and hopes to be able to do a half Iron Man one day. This is her sixth CCRR half marathon and the last half marathon in her thirties. A week after turning 40 she will run the Berlin Marathon to celebrate! This is the first time she is pacing a race and is excited about helping others the same way she’s been inspired by pacers in previous races.

Chris Holzer—10:00mm
Chris is a 47-year-old runner who lives in the rural countryside, between Williamston and Dansville, Michigan. He’s run over 15,000 miles since starting in 2004, running to celebrate life, to meditate, stay fit, see friends and to challenge himself. He serves as the captain of two trail running relay teams and loves helping others achieve their goals. Chris has accomplished three ultra-marathons, three half Ironman triathlons, nine full marathons, 12 half marathons and countless Olympic and Sprint triathlons, 10ks and 5ks.

Lisa Holzer—10:00mm

Dee Benson—10:30mm
Dee is a 52-year-old runner who enjoys helping others and providing encouragement. She’s raced three half marathons and one 25K. She’s paced the Capital City River Run four times and runs to achieve her goal, which is running for life.

Kelly Machioritti—10:30mm
Besides the obvious physical benefits of running and the camaraderie in the sport, Kelly believes that exercise saves lives, sanity, and makes a better world. She believes there’s nothing better than helping people achieve their goals! Kelly has completed three full and more than 40 half marathons. She lives in Grand Rapids with her two cute and active dogs. She works as a certified health and wellness coach and for fun, she also teaches fitness classes on the side.

Melissa Jachim—11:00mm

Corey Baker—11:00mm
Corey has been an avid runner since 2007. His favorite distance is the 50K and he recently completed his 60th marathon. This will be his fifth time pacing the Capital City River Run. Any given Saturday he can be found leading the nine minute pace group with Team Playmakers Any Pace Any Distance group. Why not running, he is a child and family psychologist.

Leigh Heskitt—12:00mm
Running is one of the best decisions Leigh has made for her quality of life. She runs for fitness, friendships, stress relief, accomplishments and adventures. This is her second time pacing CCRR so it’s in the “new adventure” category. Pacing is a way to give back while also having some fun. She’ll run her fourth marathon this fall and has completed over 20 half marathons.

Candace Heskitt—12mm
Candace started running when she was 28 in a YMCA 5K with her mom. Since then she has completed 10 marathons, many half marathons and even more 5Ks, paced at all three distances, and put on her own 5K fundraiser — the Panther Spirit 5K in Dewitt.
This is her fourth year pacing the CCRR, which is where she learned to pacing. The joy of helping others reach their goals almost outweighs running my own races.

Brandess Wallace—13:00mm
Though she loves being a wife and mother, Brandess feels most like herself when she runs. It helps her be her BEST self. She paces because she vividly remembers how difficult it was to run her first 5K. It seemed like an insurmountable task, even when she could see the finish line. Brandess was only able to complete it with the help of a friend. Now that she is capable, she enjoys supporting fellow runners in reaching their goals. She has completed over 25 half marathons, nine marathons and seven ultramarathons. “Shannon and I call ourselves the “Mullet Crew,” because we are the party in the back! Whether this is your first half marathon or your fortieth, we want to make this an awesome experience and get you across the finish line with a smile on your face!”

Shannon Baker—13:00mm
Shannon from Dimondale loves running and accomplishing her goals. She’s completed five ultra-marathons, six marathons and so many half marathons she has lost count. She loves pacing, supporting, encouraging and witnessing so many inspiring people achieve their goals, have a good time and live a healthy life.

Angel Boshea—14:00mm
Angel is a 46-year-old runner from Windsor Township, Michigan. She has completed 12 half marathons and eight half marathons. In her words, “My favorite cartoon character is the Road Runner, because he’s fast as well as smart, and he’s always got the jump on Wile E. Coyote!”

Kim Snook—14:00mm
Kim runs to stay young, healthy and energetic. A 45-year-old Haslett resident, she paces to help others have fun while motivating and encouraging them to reach their goals. She has completed seven marathons and 13 half marathons.

Aliya Armstrong—14:00mm
Aliya is 39-years-old, loves to run and wants to help others achieve their goal. She’s completed 15 half marathons, one full marathon and run in six states. Her philosophy? The party is in the back! Finishing the race is the most important goal. “Let’s keep the party going!”

Janet McDuffey—15:00mm
Janet is a 48-year-old runner from Lansing, who originally started with walking to lose weight. She ran a lap around the high school track and thought she was going to die, only to come back and do it again. She enjoys helping others reach their goals—helping them achieve what they may have though was impossible. Janet has completed five full marathons and 22 half marathons.

Michelle Moore—15:00mm
Michelle started running in 2010 because as a Spartan alum, she thought it would be cool to be able to walk on the turf of Spartan stadium, let along finish a 5K on the 50-yard line. “That’s it, I was done…or so I thought,” says Michelle. “Instead, I found a love for running and don’t want to stop.” Since then she’s run many races, eventually graduating to over 25 half marathons and five marathons. One of her favorite things about pacing is the chance to help runners achieve their goal of completing the race—often their first longer distance.