[teaser]It takes more than 400 volunteers on race day to staff the Capital City Weekend of Races! Volunteers make the race possible and provide vital services to runners and walkers. Big thanks to past volunteers! Participate in the race by volunteering on the morning of Saturday, September 20 or Sunday, September 21.[/teaser]

[info_box]Interested? Use the form below to contact our volunteer coordinator.[/info_box]

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[fancy_header variation=”yellow”]VOLUNTEER BASICS[/fancy_header]

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  • The event staff will provide assignments and necessary training.
  • Since the CCRR benefits the non-profit Impression 5 Science Center and local schools, volunteers are eligible to receive community service hours.


[fancy_header variation=”yellow”]MAJOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES[/fancy_header]

[one_third]Aid stations: Hand out water and Gatorade and cheer on runners as they pass by. Arrival time and duration of commitment will vary depending on aid station location.Those located farther into the half-marathon may require shifts.

Bag check: Take gear bags from participants at the start, load them on to a truck and return them at the finish.

Course marshals: Ensure safety at intersections and direct runners along the course. Arrival time and duration of commitment will vary depending on course location. Note that area high school cross country teams and honor societies are being recruited to serve as course marshals, but adult volunteers are needed as well.

Crowd control: Direct participants to where they need to go and prevent congestion at start and finish areas. Cyclists: Needed to ride ahead of the races to warn other users of the River Trail, to help lead the races, to call out times to runners at mile splits, to report problems, and to ensure safety along the courses.[/one_third]
[one_third]Entertainment: Although the Uptown Band will provide the rhythm and blues entertainment for the finish in Adado Park, we are looking for bands and musicians to perform along the course too!

Food: Set-up and distribution of food to participants in finish area after they complete the race.

Pacers: Pacers will be in the start corral early to meet racers. Pacers will help racers to reach their PR goals and help them celebrate their half marathon accomplishments (Half Marathoners don’t need to sign-up for a pace group, they can just join on race morning). Pacers will be in costume and will also have a flag with their pace time along with a sign with their finish time on their back. When there are pacing partners (most pace groups), one pacer will stay on consistent pace at the front of the group while the other acts as a sweeper in the back of the group. The most common question: Do racers need to stay with their pace group the entire race? Absolutely not! Pacers will never be upset if a racer is feeling strong and picks up the pace.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Directions and Parking: Volunteers will need to check in at the Volunteer Station at the Lansing Center, 333 East Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing near the Start of both races. The Finish will be in nearby Adado Riverfront Park. Information about city parking ramps can be found at cityoflansingmi.com. Prior to the race, check the event web site www.ccriverrun.com for information about parking, road construction, and access to downtown Lansing.

Distributing and Retrieving Supplies: We need a van or truck for distributing and retrieving supplies to aid stations and for other needs along the course.

Set-Up: We need volunteers to help set-up the course Start and Finish areas before the races start. This requires early arrival.

Start & Finish Areas: We need volunteers to help pass out medals, post results, pick up trash, and monitor or replenish supplies.

Tear-Down: We need volunteers to help tear down course Start and Finish areas when races are finished[/one_third_last]

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